With the toric version of our unique LENTIS Comfort lens – the pioneer in modern EDOF-lens technology (Extended Depth of Focus) – you now have the perfect tool to correct astigmatism. The LENTIS Comfort Toric is available with standard cylinders ranging from 0.75D to 5.25D in steps of 0.75D. Calculating and ordering of this toric lens is done easily in two simple steps using our Easy Toric Calculator at www.lentistoric.com.

The LENTIS Comfort Toric is adjusted optimally to the far and intermediate range and thus is particularly successful in meeting the demanding needs that most patients have with the refractive results of cataract surgery. Bridging the gap between standard monofocal and premium refractive IOLs, this unique IOL offers both excellent intermediate as well as distance vision.

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